Spring Dance Funchal - LATIN ROOM

And since it’s now officially Spring… It’s time to try our Dance Classes in Funchal, Madeira!

Semba: Yuri da Cunha

Yuri da Cunha – Kuma Kwakié

Semba is a traditional and very popular style of music from Angola. It is considered as one of the roots of Samba (in Brazil), Kizomba (the Angolan version of the french caribbean Zouk) and, of course, Kuduro (the frantic techno-house music that emerged among Angola’s youth, both at home and in Portugal, during the last decade).

Yuri da Cunha is one of the leading Semba and Kizomba artists, today. He comes from Angola, as you might have guessed.

New Salsa & Kizomba Dance Classes in Funchal

There’s a new dance class in Funchal!

Dance Classes in Funchal, Madeira - Dancers Are Athletes of God

Every Saturday, from 3.30pm until 5.00pm, we’re starting a new Salsa and Kizomba class, for Intermediate/Advanced dancers.

Aimed at dancers with some previous experience and looking for new challenges, on these classes we’ll focus on leading/following techniques, improvisation and interpretation/musicality.

As usual, our dance classes take place at the Eurogymnico gym (Europa Shopping Centre), in Funchal, Madeira.

See you soon!

— The Latin Room. Wanna dance?