Argentine Tango: Free Class

Gran Classe de Tango y Bailongo!

Aula Aberta de TANGO ARGENTINO - BiPOP Wine & Fashion by The Latin Room

On the 1st of February join us on a free Tango class.

By the hand of Maestro Costa Kalogiros, we will uncover the unique flavour and mystique of this sentimental dance through a free class followed by an informal Bailongo.

We invite everyone to join us. Those who dance and those who don’t. Those who wish to learn and those who prefer to watch. Because el Tango is an art to be shared in many ways and many embraces.

And since all this happens in the wonderful BiPop – Wine & Fashion, you’ll have the chance to taste their delicious food and wine that are guaranteed to warm your heart and your soul and help you carry on dancing!

WHEN: 1 February, 9pm
WHERE: Bipop Funchal – Wine Bar & Fashion

— The Latin Room. Y vos, ¿bailás el Tango?